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Friday, June 24, 2011

First post in Forever! - Yellow Sewn Dress

So wow, I have been lazy with the posting... I've actually completed several projects, but just haven't taken the pictures :-\.... I am a horrible blogger! Anyway, after buying the fabric for this dress, I realized that these were my wedding colors if I had gotten married in the summer! So all you bridesmaids, this could have been your dress! (but of course, it would have been professionally made, so much better :) )

I think for my second attempt at a dress I am happy with the result. It is better than my last dress, but I messed up the back a little.... And it doesn't fit PERFECTLY, but, still good!

I also don't have pictures of it on yet, but I'll get some!

So here are the pictures:



You can see that the midriff doesn't line up perfectly, I shortened the one side too much :(

Well, I have PLENTY of things I need to put pictures up of soon, so keep watch in the next couple days!

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