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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ribbon Scarf, Hat, and Mittens

I made these for my friend Emily. Hopefully she likes them! I designed these myself so the patterns are listed below the pictures.

Materials: Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Soft White
Size 7 straight, circle, and dpn


Cast on 32

Double Wing Openwork Pattern:
Row 1 (RS) K
Row 2 *K4, P8, K4 rep from*
Row 3 *P3, K2 tog, K3 yo twice, K3, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, P3 rep from*
Row 4 *K3, P10, K3, rep from*
Row 5 *P2, K2 tog, K3, yo, K2, yo, K3, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, P2, rep from*
Row 6 *K2, P12, K2, rep from*
Row 7 *P1, K2 tog, K3, yo, K4, yo, K3, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, P1, rep from*
Row 8 *K1, P14, K1, rep from*
Row 9 *K2tog, K3, yo, K6, yo, K3, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, rep from*
Row 10 P

Repeat this pattern until desired length

Add tassles to bottom


Cast on 102 stitches on dpn
Join and place marker to indicate beginning of round
Work 8 rows of ribbing (K1, P1, around)

Body (switch to circular needle):
Row 1: *K2, M1, K2, M1, K2, M1, K1, M1, rep from* around. (total of 58 stitches added) - 160 sts
From here follow double wing openwork pattern, starting with row 2, but on every even row, switch the knits to purls and the purls to knits (since you are working RS only)
Repeat double wing openwork pattern a total of 4 times.

Decrease Shaping:

Follow Chart:

Take yarn and string through remaining loops. Tie off and weave in ends.

Mittens (Make 2):

Cast on 28 on dpn

Complete 12 rows of ribbing.
Row 1: *K7, M1, repeat from* around
From here, follow Double Wing Openwork Pattern (repeat once) and work the pattern 1 time, and again until you reach Row 4 of the Double Wing Openwork Pattern. Work Row 5 until you reach the last 3 stitches. Knit next 6 stitches onto a piece of scrap yarn. Slip last scrap yarn stitches back onto needle and continue working pattern until you have completed 4 repetitions of the Double Wing Openwork Pattern.

Top Shaping: 

Row 1 *K1, K2 tog, K10, SSK, K1, repeat from*
Row 2 K
Row 3 *K1, K2 tog, K8, SSK, K1, repeat from*
Row 4 K
Row 5 *K1, K2 tog, K6, SSK, K1, repeat from*
Row 6 K
Row 7 *K1, K2 tog, K4, SSK, K1, repeat from*
Row 8 *K1, K2 tog, K2, SSK, K1, repeat from*
Row 9 *K1, K2 tog, SSK, K1, repeat from*
Row 10 *K2 tog, SSK, repeat from*

Take excess string and string through loops. Weave in ends.

And that's it! I think this is my first pattern I designed entirely myself!

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