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Monday, March 21, 2011

Knitting Needle Holder

This was my actually my first sewing project. I have SO many knitting needles now that I decided I needed a holder for them. I designed this myself and even though the lines are not perfectly even or straight for the needles, I am quite happy with the outcome. Here are my pictures and I will post the pattern next:

And here is the pattern:

Cut 3 16" by 32" pieces of fabric. One of the main pattern on the outside, two of the inner pattern.
Sew, with right sides facing together, the outer patterned and inner non-patterned pieces, leaving a small section open for the stuffing
Turn right-side out, and stuff. Sew together.
Sew down the center.

Sew according to patten below:

On the second inside piece, sew down the center, then place two elastic bands on the left side. Sew columns growing steadily larger and in even numbers. On the right side, place four elastic bands, and do the same.

Sew elastic inside piece to outer piece. Tac down inside piece in corners of diamonds on the outside.

Sew buttons in-between two diamonds on right side.

Cut out desired letter of contrasting pattern and sew to upper right-hand corner.

With yarn, chain enough to fit around button. Sew on opposite side in same location.

Handles (Make 2):

(I need to look at my handles to remember, so I will post at a later time)

Sew handles to either side of holder.

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